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New Cantina Song


There’s a song I heard years ago
By Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes
From the background of a bar in A New Hope
Just an old Bith band
Trying to make a stand
Well they’re swingin’
And they’re bringin’ the beat
And doing the best
And doing the best they can

Well the tune is nice and neat
Happy and so upbeat
But despite all that no one seems to be having a good time
They just numb their minds
And maybe soon they’ll find out that

We need a new cantina song
And maybe it could be the one that you’re hearing now

(“I mean, just maybe… if you like it alright”)
(“That was Charlie Donkers on the bass and backup vocals there”)
(“I’d like to thank you all for coming out tonight and joining us”)
(“Now we’ve got a little solo from our own Jimmy Pipples on lead guitar”)

I think it’s time we play
In a galaxy far, far away
At old Chalmun’s on Mos Eisley
Where there’s people there every day

‘Cause we need a new cantina song
And maybe it could be the one that we’re playing now

(“Alright… one more time, one more time”)
(Alright! New cantina song, thank you, thank you”)
(“I hope we passed the audition”)
(“Say, where’s Lirin Car’n, anyway?”)

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