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Snoke Got Smoked

Snoke got smoked in his own chamber
While up on this throne he got cut by a laser
But I don’t mind, he was a bad guy indeed
And they didn’t do enough with his back-story

Oh yeah
So I don’t mind
Oh yeah
So I don’t mind

Yeah Snoke got smoked by Kylo Ren
He should not have gone and messed with that young Solo, Ben
But are we really supposed to gasp and shout
When a villain dies that we know nothing about?

Oh no
I don’t think so
Oh no
I don’t think so

Based on my recollection, he wasn’t that evil
Never killed no one or talked about it much either
But in The Force Awakens he was clearly their leader
I expected big things from him
But there’s still one more film coming yet
For them to prove me wrong
And if they do I’ll right a song about it

Snoke got smoked (x6)

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