Stop Killing Our Favorites

When you first made the scene In that bar on Tattooine I think most fans would agree You and Chewie made the best on-screen team So when I saw The Force Awakens You can imagine my delight When you stepped into the Falcon With that furball at your side But at the end of the [...]

New Cantina Song

There’s a song I heard years ago By Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes From the background of a bar in A New Hope Just an old Bith band Trying to make a stand Well they’re swingin’ And they’re bringin’ the beat And doing the best And doing the best they can Well the tune [...]

All I Want (Jedi Angst)

For the past 10 years I’ve been going through my Jedi training But it hasn’t seemed clear Just where to turn When Master Obi-Wan doesn’t trust me And how can I learn In a world like that? One where I’m always being held back And all I want Is not to be seen as a [...]

Who’s Your Daddy

She’s got The Force flowin’ through her now You know it really is something And so the question we’re left with’s how She might have gotten it Well I guess it must have been passed down From another generation So come on Rey–who’s your daddy? ‘Cause your skill with a lightsaber’s quite uncanny For someone [...]

Order 66

This is an ambush–get out while you still can! They’ve come to kill the Jedi, that’s the game plan With no regard that we’ve been here for centuries They’ll turn the page and erase us from history After the Clone Wars there’ll be no Order anymore Gotta get away from this all Or we’ll never [...]


Here comes that furball Walkin’ through the town hall Bringing something to me He slides me some papers I take a little peek And this is what I see It’s looking like a lease For some kind of restaurant Selling something sweet If you ever need a break From a boring day Go and sink [...]

Boba Fettish

Yeah–this one goes out to all the ladies in the Star Wars universe I see you at the bar Lookin’ sharp, lookin’ for a good time So I go to ditch my friends ‘Cause they’re not really friends of mine (No seriously, I just work with them, I don’t even really like them that much) [...]

Language Barrier

I realize how it works You can’t always make new languages ‘Cause the people here on Earth We need to know what’s happenin’ But see, my disbelief is really high now ‘Cause when you write a story that takes place In a galaxy far away That’s full of characters Who talk like they’re from the [...]