About Us

The Han Solo project started as a bad pun joke and some equally bad working titles for a small Iowa band called Thoughts of Crossing. Several years after that band released their final album Disney bought Star Wars and started an ambitious plan to wipe the cannon clean and release a bajillion new movies. As [...]

New Single! – Along For The Ride

Nien Nunb has been a part of some of the most critical events in Star Wars history yet very little is known about this Sullustan. He has a handful of lines across the films and that's only if you count him laughing as a line. We decided to pay tribute to the legend by giving [...]

Death Star or Death Trap?

Across the Star Wars universe there's a pretty strong history of people falling very long distances due to a lack of proper safety guards... like railings. In A New hope alone we see Obi Wan walking on a walk way with no railings on the Death Star. Then we see Luke and Leia get trapped [...]