Is Snoke Really Darth Jar Jar?

No. He’s not, but since we really don’t know much about him let’s go down the rabbit hole a bit.

A long time ago on in a galaxy called Reddit, some rando named Lumpawarroo posted a theory about how Jar Jar was actually a force user and potentially running with the Sith Crowd.

If you don’t want to read the Reddit thread there’s a video at the bottom of this post. 

This theory goes into some pretty specific points and ends up making a pretty strong case for a potential massive twist, that could potentially justify one of the most hated characters in Star Wars history. The theory spans from his clumsiness and luck actually being an intentional facade and his skill mirroring a type of Kung Fu called Zui Quan aka Drunken Boxing — as demonstrated by Jackie Chan here. 

There’s some stretching in the theory about Jar Jar using the force behind the scenes but the interesting part comes back when we start talking about his skills being seated in mind control. There’s a few points throughout the movies where you have to wonder why Jar Jar even shows up but the idea that he’s the one pulling the strings makes it all a little more intriguing.

[Jar Jar hand-waving his way towards a promotion to Bombad General] (

[Jar Jar hand-waving his way towards a promotion to the Senate] (

One thing that happened after the fan theory was published on Reddit is that Netflix released Season 6 of The Clone Wars. In it, there’s a short story called The Disappeared in which a mystic group on beings from the planet Bardotta start misplacing some of their spiritual leaders. Their queen, Julia, calls upon her most trusted friend from the Senate (Jar Jar) for help. This is such an important and “mystic” matter that the Jedi Council actually sends Mace Windu to help solve the mystery — which translates to being directly related to The Force for me.

I’m not sure if the writers wanted to keep fueling the theory or fi it just is an example of more proof for the theory, but either way we find Jar Jar neck deep in Force business — and maybe even banging their queen?