Here comes that furball
Walkin’ through the town hall
Bringing something to me
He slides me some papers
I take a little peek
And this is what I see

It’s looking like a lease
For some kind of restaurant
Selling something sweet
If you ever need a break
From a boring day
Go and sink your teeth

Into Chewbaklava
(Guess he’s got a good recipe for…)
Yeah, that is the name of his place

(“Okay, it looks like there’s only a first name on the permit? Just Chewbacca? Do you have a last name?”)

Everybody feels the crave
Here on opening day
Folks are lined down the street
Han Solo and Leia
Boba Fett and Vader
You never know who you’ll meet

Here at Chewbaklava
(Best dessert in the galaxy at…)
Yeah, that is the name
Of what everybody came for
That is the name of his place

Chewbaklava (x16)

(“Wait–how does Vader even eat that stuff, anyway?”)
(“Um, excuse me, Mr. Chewbacca? There seems to be a hair in my baklava.”)

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