Hoth = Fun Lyrics

Hoth equals fun
Might not know it
But Hoth equals fun
Come on, get snowed in!
And have a great time
At a reasonable deal
Where the people all smile and care how you feel!

Is the hot summer on your planet getting you down?
Come on over to Hoth Resorts!
Where it’s freezing ALL the time!
Hit the slopes
Build a snowman
Set up a base for your rebellion against the Galactic Empire
We won’t judge!
It’s good, clean fun for the whole family
So come on out–and chill!

Hoth equals fun
Might not know it
May even feel warm
If you’re Minnesotan
You stay out all day
Where the snow is all real
Then come on inside for a nice hot meal!
Hoth equals fun!

Hoth Resorts is not responsible for any incident or casualty that occurs during your stay including but not limited to:
– Frostbite
– Broken limbs
– Being captured by a Wampa
– Laser blasts
– An AT-AT crushing your vehicle
– Explosions
– Your tauntaun freezing to death despite having much more natural insulation than you but for some reason very minimal additional layers of clothing for warmth
– Snowblindness
– Nightblindness
– The nausea experienced when seeking refuge inside a dead tauntaun
– Hangovers
– And planet-wide evacuations

Seriously though… just give your tauntaun an extra goddamn sweater or something–we sell them for $29.99 in the gift shop