Language Barrier

I realize how it works
You can’t always make new languages
‘Cause the people here on Earth
We need to know what’s happenin’
But see, my disbelief is really high now

‘Cause when you write a story that takes place
In a galaxy far away
That’s full of characters
Who talk like they’re from the USA

Well, now tell me Han
How come the people where you’re from
All speak perfect English?
You’re from the planet Corellia, not frickin’ Cleveland
How do you know what you’re saying?

But it’s not just about the words
There are many different dialects
And based on what I’ve heard
There seems to be a disconnect
Between the voices and the setting right now

‘Cause you adopt the accent
Of the region you live in
But last I checked
Coruscant isn’t home to Great Britain

So Obi-Wan
Where did you get that accent from?
‘Cause it sure wasn’t England
You’re in a galaxy too far gone
To have even seen it in a film
Yeah man, that voice just can’t be real

Okay, let’s give credit where credit is due
There are actually a lot of different languages in the Star Wars universe
And while they’re not fully built out into something that you can speak or understand
They still add a lot of spice to the films
I mean stuff like Dosh, Ewokese, Bothese, Tuscan, Kaminoan, Jawaese, Huttese, Binary, Shyriiwook, Geonosian, Klingon
(No wait not the last one… hey, can you cut that last one?)

Come on and tell me Rey
Where did you learn to talk that way?
‘Cause it sure wasn’t on Jakku
Yeah no one else in that world talks just like you do
And don’t try to tell me it’s a genetic thing
‘Cause that’s not how accents work anyway