Little Green Creature Lyrics

A tired game, it is
When trying to fight evil, you are
In many forms they come
As friends, as foes, and as leaders
Clouded, this boy’s future is
So much that to see it, I can’t
Train him not, I say
But defiant, Obi Wan stands

Little green creature, I am
Just a teacher
Of everything peaceful
No rebels or empires
When I grow weaker
On Dagobah, I will lay down

A danger, this young Padawan is
Unruly and fractious with his
Master it seems, stomped on his dreams
He has nothing but red, he sees
All my strength it takes
To fight Dooku, my body, it aches
Yet still win, I can’t
So begun, the Clone War has

Little green creature, I am
Just a seeker
Of anywhere peaceful
For living in exile
And when I grow weaker
And disappear, I’ll reappear
With Obi-Wan Kenobi
Like Qui-Gon Jinn showed me