Snoke Got Smoked

Now that we can look back on The Rise of Skywalker with less noise from all of the loud opinions people shared, I wanted to add a bit more thoughts on Snoke and whether or not he was a waste of a character.

If you reframe your perspective to think of him as a puppet, it ends up being a big play to just amplify how powerful Sidious really was…

Snoke had already established a relationship with Ben and was there and ready when he came running after Luke’s assassination contemplation. (More on how Ben became Kylo and what “The Ren” is here.)

In addition to positioning Snoke as Ben Solo’s mentor/friend, (similar to how Palpatine positioned himself with Anakin) Sidious was also acting as the voice of Darth Vader within Ben’s head… gradually pushing him closer and closer to the dark side… taking some dark actions like killing his father.

We didn’t go into all of that in the song, because we wrote it before the comic and The Rise of Skywalker were released, but maybe it’s a character or plot worth revisiting?

The Song

The Han Solo Project Plays “Snoke Got Smoked”


Snoke got smoked in his own chamber
While up on this throne he got cut by a laser
But I don’t mind, he was a bad guy indeed
And they didn’t do enough with his back-story

Oh yeah
So I don’t mind
Oh yeah
So I don’t mind

Yeah Snoke got smoked by Kylo Ren
He should not have gone and messed with that young Solo, Ben
But are we really supposed to gasp and shout
When a villain dies that we know nothing about?

Oh no
I don’t think so
Oh no
I don’t think so

Based on my recollection, he wasn’t that evil
Never killed no one or talked about it much either
But in The Force Awakens he was clearly their leader
I expected big things from him
But there’s still one more film coming yet
For them to prove me wrong
And if they do I’ll right a song about it

Snoke got smoked (x6)

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