The Apprentices

Remember when old Luke S was the new kid?
And Obi-Wan was the big-wig?
And he said “Don’t look at it with your eyes, just tell
With your feelings what’s in front of you”
And he could teach that with The Force so well
It really makes you think of when

Obi-Wan was the new kid
And Qui-Gon Jinn was a real smooth friend
And he said “Don’t look back–keep your eyes up there
Darth Maul is right in front of you
Don’t look back, keep your eyes ahead
I’m gonna need you to be there when I’m dying”

Remember when Anakin was a good kid
Before he met with Emperor Sheev?
And he said “You can cheat death with the dark side now
They’ll feel the fear, they’ll feel the fear
Of all that you can do with the Darth title”
It really makes you wonder why

Don’t all the apprentices have ghosts?
Looking out
Why don’t all the apprentices have
Someone who can never die again?
Of all the apprentices we’ve known
They could all use someone
Who’s seen everything
And been everywhere
In the galaxy
In the galaxy
Why don’t all the apprentices have ghosts?