12 Parsecs Lyrics

So you’re searchin’ for a ship? Well, look no further I’ve got the perfect Corellian cruiser And it can get you to Alderaan with no problem Yeah the Empire ain’t ever caught it Get in the Falcon, we’ll be safe Always We’ll be safe Always We’ll be safe Don’t you know it made the Kessel [...]

There’s A Code Lyrics

R2 has got the plans To destroy the Death Star The Empire scans and scans But they still don’t know where we are And I know him and 3PO Can act like little hellions But thanks to them There is nothing they can do To stop the rebellion now ‘Cause there’s a code In your [...]

The Ballad of Greedo

I walked into the Cantina a stranger Lookin’ for to get some peace of mind I did not think there would be any danger From the bounty inside that I would find From the bounty inside that I would find His name was Han, you know he used to smuggle He lost some goods from [...]

Finn’s Conscience (I Got Nothin’)

I got nothin’ Worth shootin’ off a blaster in the air And it’s plain to me That there’s nothing worth shootin’ in the air for I got somethin’ That’s causin’ Kylo Ren to stare And it’s plain to me It ain’t good to give him somethin’ to stare for And therefore I’ve gone and wasted [...]

You’re A Jedi Luke Lyrics

Lightsaber in my hands Lightsaber in my hands You wanna be part of this clan? You’ll have to learn The Force, my friend So put your blindfold on And battle with that ball If you don’t feel it flowing through The Empire will shoot you too Yeah they’ll shoot you too Your dad Yeah your [...]