Little Green Creature Lyrics

A tired game, it is When trying to fight evil, you are In many forms they come As friends, as foes, and as leaders Clouded, this boy’s future is So much that to see it, I can’t Train him not, I say But defiant, Obi Wan stands Little green creature, I am Just a teacher [...]

Sith Code Lyrics

Peace is a lie It’s not a word to live by There is only passion And through passion I gain strength Through strength I gain power I can feel it growing every hour It’s etched into my face It’s etched into my face Sith Code (x6) Through power I gain victory It’s been the same [...]

That’s No Moon Lyrics

There’s a construction flaw In the Death Star It’s a teeny little Itty bitty hole to shoot in You get it right In your X-Wing’s sight Pull the trigger Shoot a laser Pause–kaboom! Then boy, you’ve won It’ll shine brighter than the sun But don’t go singing Claire de Lune, ’cause that’s no moon And [...]

Tears of A Wookie Lyrics

We have a Wookiee friend And he likes to tag along But he gets real upset When Han Solo is gone We tell him “Things will be alright” But he won’t hear it We say “Trust me this one time” Yeah, that’s the spirit So Chewbacca, don’t cry Han Solo’s alright And though he won’t [...]

I Love You (I Know) Lyrics

I said “I love you” And he said “I know” And I said “Baby, baby, baby, please don’t go” I said “I love you” And he said “I know” And I’m like “Baby, baby, baby, please don’t go” So we’re sittin’ in Cloud City And the view it sure looks pretty But I ain’t never [...]

Hoth = Fun Lyrics

Hoth equals fun Might not know it But Hoth equals fun Come on, get snowed in! And have a great time At a reasonable deal Where the people all smile and care how you feel! Is the hot summer on your planet getting you down? Come on over to Hoth Resorts! Where it’s freezing ALL [...]

You’re Not My Father Lyrics

I was looking for my own world I was looking for my own things to say and do And even without you I got along with your stepbrother Don’t you know that he raised me to dream of the stars Good old Owen Lars But then you had him and his family killed While you [...]

Carbonite Blues Lyrics

Here I stand On Tattooine With my newly-found freedom Yeah, you know what I mean Carbonite blues Carbonite blues Carbonite blues Yeah, Carbonite blues I gave him the money He don’t care anymore Well I gave the money Still throws me down with the Rancor Carbonite blues Carbonite blues Carbonite blues Yeah, Carbonite blues Here [...]

Dagobah-bah-bah-bah Lyrics

When I was almost dead on Hoth Ben Kenobi told me where to go His ghost it came before me Said “Luke, you gotta ditch this ice and snow And head off to a system Where you’ll be away from this crusade And go find Master Yoda So you can finally learn the Jedi trade” [...]

A New Hope – Lyrics

Well could it be We never left It’s all just a dream I’m laying in my bed On Tattooine And Old Ben is just a strange old hermit living in the sand A strange old hermit in the sand I use The Force And try to hold Onto the part of me That fits the [...]